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008. Three Guiding Leadership Principles, with Mike Kosikas.

Many of us have created our own set of principles we use to guide how we lead. In this Jam Session episode, I talk with Mike Kosikas, Director of Talent Development and Operational Excellence for a medical device company, as he shares his own three guiding leadership principles: 1) Quality of Life, 2) Compensation, and 3) Development

Key Takeaways:

  • Your employees don’t care about how much you know until they first know how much you care
  • As a leader, you can directly impact quality of life – for better or worse
  • Frequent check-ins with your team can positively impact their quality of life
  • Compensation is closely tied to either building trust or losing trust
  • When discussing compensation never get baited into comparisons     
  • The toughest part about developing your people is trying to find where opportunity meets desire
  • Developing your people involves a huge investment in time, level setting, and providing the path forward with the right resources
  • There is more value in being viewed as a collaborator instead of a transactional leader
  • Developing your employees involves knocking down barriers so that they can run faster

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About the author, Rob

Rob Fonte is the founder and President of Sarto Leadership Group, whose reputation has been built on being a transformational leader and inspirational coach with a passion for developing others. His twenty-year career spans across multiple disciplines including leading award-winning sales teams. Rob is an academically trained Executive Coach certified by The University of Texas and the International Coach Federation.

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