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013: Are Leaders Born or Are They Made? With Major General (ret.) Craig B. Whelden

By Rob Fonte | 03/22/2020 |

In this next Jam Session, I sit with Major General (ret.) Craig Whelden. General Whelden spent 30 years in the U.S. Army, followed by seven in the private sector, and another nine as a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) with the U.S. Marine Corps.He is also a motivational speaker on leadership and performance…

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012: So You Think You Have Self-Awareness? Think Again. With Jennifer Judy Caldwell and Paul Catanzaro

By Rob Fonte | 03/09/2020 |

In this next Jam Session, I sit with Jennifer Judy Caldwell and Paul Catanzaro. Paul has held positions in sales training and is currently a district sales manager. Jennifer has held leadership positions in sales, commercial training, planning and operations, and recently started her own strategic training design consulting firm. We tackle the topic of…

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011: The “Push” and “Pull” of moving your people into new roles, with Katherine Stultz.

By Rob Fonte | 02/24/2020 |

In this next Jam Session, I sit with Katherine Stultz, a highly successful business executive with over 20 years of successful leadership experience with roles of increased responsibility. Over the course of her career, Katherine has held a variety of leadership positions, most recently as a General Manager for Spain and Portugal. In this episode…

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010: How to ensure your team is viewed as a valuable resource within your organization, with Carmine Merlucci

By Rob Fonte | 02/10/2020 |

Not every department in an organization gets to sit on the proverbial pedestal. So, how do we ensure as leaders that our teams are seen as integral components of an organization? In this episode, I sit with Carmine Merlucci, Vice President of Land Development at Toll Brothers, one of the largest land developers in the…

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009: Leadership and the Military: is it really any different from the private sector?

By Rob Fonte | 01/21/2020 |

A great misperception is that being a leader in the military is very different from the leadership skills required to lead in the private sector. In this episode I talk with Colonel (ret) Chris Valle, currently a Vice President with DNV GL’s Program, Design and Implementation (PDI) business area. We discuss parallels between leadership in…

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008. Three Guiding Leadership Principles, with Mike Kosikas.

By Rob Fonte | 01/06/2020 |

Many of us have created our own set of principles we use to guide how we lead. In this Jam Session episode, I talk with Mike Kosikas, Director of Talent Development and Operational Excellence for a medical device company, as he shares his own three guiding leadership principles: 1) Quality of Life, 2) Compensation, and…

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007: Hiring Top Talent: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly with Glen Witwer, Paul Johnston, and John Fisher

By Rob Fonte | 12/16/2019 |

Hiring top talent to fill your some of your most important roles comes with all sorts of challenges. In this Jam Session panel episode, I talk with seasoned sales leaders Glen Witwer, Paul Johnston, and John Fisher about the good, the bad, and the ugly sides of hiring top talent. Key Takeaways: Focusing on behavioral…

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006. Reinventing yourself when life requires it, with Randy Broad

By Rob Fonte | 12/02/2019 |

There are times in life when you find you have to reinvent yourself both personally and professionally. Sometimes, it’s needed more than once. In this Jam Session, I talk with Randy Broad, a serial entrepreneur, Amazon best-selling author, and cancer survivor. Key Takeaways: Anticipate the changes that may come and seize the opportunity Consistently reinforcing…

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005. How to lead a team through ambiguity and uncertainty, with Eddie Dowling.

By Rob Fonte | 11/18/2019 |

In this Jam Session, I sit with Eddie Dowling, a senior sales manager with more than 12 years of leadership experience including leading multiple award-winning sales teams. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eddie over the years and he brings great insights to this episode where we discuss ways to lead teams through ambiguity…

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004. Mentors, coaches, and your first 90 days as a leader, with Michele LeSueur

By Rob Fonte | 11/05/2019 |

In this episode I site with Michele LeSueur. Michele is a senior leader in the pharmaceutical industry. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Michele as a colleague over the years. She comes to us with a wealth of management experience holding many roles including leading both sales teams and marketing teams. Key Takeaways: Whether…

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