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032: Jam Session Scenarios: Performance Reviews

By Rob Fonte | 01/04/2021 |

In this first episode of a new series called “Jam Session Scenarios”, I sit with a panel of seasoned leaders – Ted Cowles, Dean DiGiacomo, and Matt Melloy. We review a few common scenarios, and a few twists and turns, as it relates to performance reviews.Key Takeaways:Align with each employee on the definition of ‘achieves’…

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031: Lessons learned when you put your needs ahead of your employee’s needs

By Rob Fonte | 12/20/2020 |

In this episode, I sit with Anthony “AJ” Vaughan, an entrepreneur with a keen focus on people development. AJ works with start-up organizations by helping them mobilize employee experience and drive true change with senior leadership through innovative strategies, and an out of the box approach to HR. Key Takeaways: Don’t allow your ego to…

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030: Women Leaders Rising: From the Perspective of an Ally

By Rob Fonte | 12/06/2020 |

It was a lot of fun being on the other side of the interview table for this! A couple months ago I was asked to be a speaker at the Women Leaders Rising Summit hosted by its founder, Lav Chintapalli. Lav is a leadership strategist and coach, who helps women develop strategies to create greater…

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029: How to Build a Highly Engaged Workforce Culture

By Rob Fonte | 11/23/2020 |

In this episode I sit with Shawn Tomasello, a biopharmaceutical executive and public board member with more than 35 years of experience in leading teams and companies at the highest levels. From small start-ups to multiple acquisitions, we discuss what it takes to create a highly engaged workforce culture.    Key Takeaways: The secret sauce for…

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028: How deep employee/leader relationships make for better performers

By Rob Fonte | 11/08/2020 |

In this episode I sit with Jim Wentworth, a Vice President of Sales in the healthcare industry. We discuss how having a deep connection, and an overall great relationship with your employees, makes for better performers and organizational outcomes.    Key Takeaways: Make a deeper connection with your people by understanding what motivates them It’s important…

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027: Do Less and Think More, with Tracey DeSilva

By Rob Fonte | 10/26/2020 |

Do less and think more. Easier said than done, right? All too often we want to solve our team’s problems by doing it for them. After all, as leaders, we have the answers, correct (wink wink)? In this episode, I sit with Tracey DeSilva, a Vice President of a Learning and Development function, in the healthcare…

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026: Giving and Receiving Feedback: A Critical Tenant of Leadership, with Michele Korfin

By Rob Fonte | 10/12/2020 |

Giving and receiving feedback, as we know, is one of the core tenants of great Leadership, and it’s no different whether you’re a first-line manager or a C-Suite executive. In this episode I sit with Michele Korfin, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Commercial Officer for Gamida Cell Ltd., an advanced cell therapy company committed to…

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025: New Workplace Challenges: Strategies for Leading, with Anushka Arellano

By Rob Fonte | 09/29/2020 |

As managers and leaders of teams, 2020 has done nothing short of throwing everything but the kitchen sink at us all (maybe the sink too!). As leaders, we need to be mindful of how our employees are dealing with these challenges, so that we can understand how best to support them. Things like team morale,…

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024: Onboarding Employees in Today’s Environment: Best Practices, with James Christie and Ramahn Ritchie

By Rob Fonte | 09/15/2020 |

One of the most important responsibilities that a manager has is onboarding. It’s a huge investment for any organization in terms of time and resources, and it’s an even bigger investment by leaders as it is their job to make sure new hires are positioned for the best possible chance to succeed and grow. In…

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023: Cracking the Leadership Code, with Alain Hunkins

By Rob Fonte | 08/31/2020 |

Alain Hunkins helps high achieving people become high achieving leaders. Over his twenty-year career, Alain has worked with over 2,000 groups of leaders in 25 countries. Clients include Wal-Mart, Pfizer, Citigroup, General Electric, State Farm Insurance, IBM, General Motors, and Microsoft. In addition to being a leadership speaker, consultant, trainer, and coach, Alain is the author…

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