086: The art of knowing when training or coaching is the solution

By James Christie | 06/13/2023 |

In today’s fast paced and ever evolving world, the success of any organization hinges on the skills and expertise of its employees. But how can organizations ensure that their workforce is equipped with the right knowledge and abilities to thrive in a highly competitive landscape?That’s where training and coaching come into play. Joining me today…

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085: Developing Emerging Leaders, Part 2

By James Christie | 05/22/2023 |

This is part two of a two-part recording where I sit with several coaches that participated in a recent Emerging Leaders program that I create and facilitate. These are seasoned leaders, hand selected by the organization to help coach assigned participants throughout the entire duration of the program. You’ll hear perspectives around the importance of…

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084: Developing Emerging Leaders, Part 1

By James Christie | 05/15/2023 |

For many of my clients, I create and facilitate what’s called an Emerging Leaders program. It’s designed to prepare emerging leaders for their first management positions. Participants learn and apply foundational leadership skills throughout a multi-phased experiential journey. At the core of the program is the use of internal managers to serve as coaches and…

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083: How to Turn Around a Failing Culture, with Rob DiTota

By James Christie | 04/24/2023 |

In this episode, I sit with Rob DiTota, vice president of US commercial for a large medical device organization and has over 25 years of healthcare experience with 15 years of leadership experience. Rob has a unique background where you will hear him talk about his leadership experience as an officer in the fire services,…

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082: How Leadership Begets Followership, with Michael Lyons

By James Christie | 04/10/2023 |

In this episode, I sit with Michael Lyons, who serves as president and general manager of oncology at Myriad Genetics, where he brings over 20 years of experience in the biotech, MedTech, and pharmaceutical space. Michael was recognized by PharmaVoice Magazine as one of the top 100 most inspiring global leaders, and Pharmaceutical Executive Magazine…

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081: Seeking to Understand First, with Sandy Black

By James Christie | 11/14/2022 |

In this episode, I sit with Sandy Black who’s Vice President of North America Commercial Operations at LivaNova, a global medical technology company. Sandy’s responsible for several departments within the commercial side of the organization including commercial data and analytics, sales incentives, commercial excellence and training, customer service contracts and pricing, as well as case…

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080: The pouring, pulling, and pushing of Leadership

By James Christie | 10/24/2022 |

In this episode, I sit with Edgar Butler Jr. Edgar is a seasoned leader with a background in the insurance industry. Edgar is also a leadership and employee development coach and author of Clarify, Construct, and Control Your Career. We discuss Edgar’s early days that shaped and molded his leadership style with great tips and…

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079: Tips for Mentors and Mentees

By James Christie | 09/19/2022 |

In this episode, I sit with Dr. Calvin Lawrence. Dr. Calvin is a motivational speaker and a leadership consultant. He has over 40 years of experience teaching and leading in the educational system at the high school and collegiate level. He also has a doctorate in educational leadership and administration. We discuss the successes and…

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078: On Mission: Your Journey to Authentic Leadership

By James Christie | 09/05/2022 |

In this episode, I sit with co-authors Sean Georges and Dr. John Buford to talk about their recently published book titled, On mission: Your Journey to Authentic Leadership. The book serves as a resource for personal leadership development, crafted by Sean and John, two former marine officers with a combined 80 years of leadership experience…

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077: How to Handle Employee Resignations

By James Christie | 08/08/2022 |

In this episode, I sit with several leaders during a Leaders Jam Session monthly call. Our discussion focused on employees who tender their resignation because they’ve received an offer for another job that pays more. How would you handle this situation?  KEY TAKEAWAYS  Very rarely does someone leave a job strictly based on money. Ask…

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