011: The “Push” and “Pull” of moving your people into new roles, with Katherine Stultz.

In this next Jam Session, I sit with Katherine Stultz, a highly successful business executive with over 20 years of successful leadership experience with roles of increased responsibility. Over the course of her career, Katherine has held a variety of leadership positions, most recently as a General Manager for Spain and Portugal. In this episode we discuss how Katherine navigates moving her team through various new roles, and as leaders, how we can be most helpful in doing so.

 Key Takeaways:

  • You must invest a significant amount of time in understanding the capabilities and interests of the people on your team
  • Be aware of the danger in pushing someone to soon into a role without providing the right guidance and support
  • As people evolve and grow during their career so do their needs. No one has it all figured out
  • Look beyond the technical competencies when building out your team by also looking at what compliments their other skillsets
  • Create an environment that allows a team to have a healthy debate and bring different perspectives instead of creating a yes, yes, environment
  • As you move into higher leadership roles within your organization, it’s impossible to be the subject matter expert at everything

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About the host, Rob Fonte

Rob Fonte is the founder and President of Sarto Leadership Group, whose reputation has been built on being a transformational leader and inspirational coach with a passion for developing others. His twenty-year career spans across multiple disciplines including leading award-winning sales teams. Rob is an academically trained Executive Coach certified by The University of Texas and the International Coach Federation.