017: A Psychotherapists’ take on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, with Jason Ross.

In this Jam Session, I sit with Jason Ross, a psychotherapist who specializes in parenting, relationships, trauma, substance abuse, and wellness. I thought it’d be a great idea to sit down with Jason and get his perspective on leadership from the psychotherapist point of view. We also talk about any advice or guidance that Jason can provide on how to best manage not only our people but our families as well, and any thoughts he may have on the mental or emotional effects of COVID-19. You can find out more information about Jason by visiting www.JasonEricRoss.com as well on all social platforms.

Key Takeaways:

  • Authenticity ultimately is what connects everybody. That’s what motivates them. That is what builds trust, and trust makes for a strong team
  • Demonstrate empathy and emotional intelligence that makes people want to connect
  • People don’t want to look at themselves and at their deficiencies. Those who do, they’re the game changers
  • Ego’s the divider in terms of emotional intelligence. When your life is based around your ego, there’s gonna be a problem. When your life is based around your esteem, that’s different. You’re gonna lead better
  • As a leader, you need to understand that vulnerability can be a strength
  • The greater the ego, the greater the insecurities
  • (During a pandemic or crisis) the biggest takeaway is staying emotionally connected, and perhaps, be more vulnerable in a healthy way

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About the host, Rob Fonte

Rob Fonte is the founder and President of Sarto Leadership Group, whose reputation has been built on being a transformational leader and inspirational coach with a passion for developing others. His twenty-year career spans across multiple disciplines including leading award-winning sales teams. Rob is an academically trained Executive Coach certified by The University of Texas and the International Coach Federation.