041: How to Manage a Promotion When It’s Too Soon with Kim Metcalf, Paul Catanzaro and Joe Schnebelen

Imagine the following: you have an employee looking to get promoted, but your manager or other decision-makers don’t think they are ready. What is the best way to deal with this challenging scenario?

Like in most tricky situations in life, the key lies in effective communication. It takes coordinated effort and honest conversation to determine if the employee truly meets the required skills for that promotion. 

You may have to tell your employee to pump the brakes and work towards getting in the right light to be promoted.

And as a manager, you have to make sure you’re providing the right opportunities for your employees to demonstrate that those changes are taking place. 

But your employee owns those action steps. You’re helping them to create it and providing them with the action steps, but they own executing that plan as well. That’s when actual growth as an employee happens.

I’m Rob Fonte, and today I’m joined by Kim Metcalf, Paul Catanzaro, and Joe Schnebelen to discuss the best ways to deal with a promotion when it’s too soon.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dealing with promotions when it’s too soon (00:00)
  • Keep it to the criteria you’re discussing (03:00)
  • Test the waters (04:00)
  • How to handle baggage and negative perceptions (06:05)
  • Is this the right role for the employee? (08:26)
  • Why teamwork is crucial during the hiring process (12:53)
  • Why it’s important to create a culture of redemption (15:55)
  • It’s all about coordinated effort (18:58)
  • Episode summary (21:33)

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