043: How to Guide Teams Through Times of Change with Fred Rapp

Regardless of the industry you come from, trying to lead your teams through a restructuring or a merger acquisition while keeping them focused can be daunting.

Problems such as a lack of communication among the team or a shared frustration over a slow transitional process can quickly arise. The difference between success and failure will depend significantly on your team management and leadership skills.

In this week’s episode of the Leadership Jam Session Podcast, we welcome Fred Rapp, a highly successful executive with over 20 years of healthcare experience – and no stranger to leading teams through several of these types of scenarios. 

We’ll discuss the specific challenges he had to overcome, his leadership principles, and how he believes his success as a manager during these challenging events comes from adopting a leadership style based on honesty, respect, and transparency.

Key Takeaways 

– Episode intro (00:00)

– Fred’s journey and leadership principles (01:54)

– How to deal with an emotional rollercoaster (03:01)

– Why communication is critical when making decisions (08:36)

– Fred’s biggest struggle during restructurings (11:25)

– How change impacts the culture (16:25)

– The importance of transparency (20:30)

– The key ingredient of change management (24:43)

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