044: How to Build and Maintain Your Team’s Trust in a Virtual Environment

The COVID pandemic drastically changed the way we think about business and community-building.

Virtual environments have practically become the new workspace for a significant part of the worldwide workforce. As a leader, building and maintaining your team’s trust in such strange times can be challenging to get right.

Perhaps your team doesn’t get along too well virtually, or the strategies you have adopted to build this trust haven’t worked at all. What can you do then?

Fortunately, there are indeed some tools and actions that can help you boost your team’s sense of unity and camaraderie during those long Zoom calls.

Getting to know each of your team members’ personalities and different communication styles can go a long way. Having one-on-one conversations with them will allow you to build and maintain a sense of trust and connection in a virtual space.

And sometimes, it can be better for you to lay low and stay behind the scenes. For example, having your team meet periodically without you can also make a big difference to help that team build the connectivity you’re looking for.

In today’s episode of the Leadership Jam Session Podcast, we’ll welcome a panel of leaders who are participants in a new program I recently launched called the Coach’s Jam Session to discuss how to build and maintain trust with your team in a virtual environment. 

Key Takeaways 

– Episode intro (00:00)

– Why it comes down to communication (01:18)

– The importance of one-on-one conversations (02:06)

– How technology can bind teams together (03:00)

– Why you can’t force trust (05:23)

– Understanding different communication styles (08:17)

– How to build a cohesive team online (12:30)

– Why sometimes you need to step back (17:00)

– Episode summary (20:55)

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