066: How Creating Strong Bonds Creates High-Performing Teams, with Andrej Baranek

Looking to create a strong bond with your team?  

In this episode I sit with Andrej Baranek, a Vice President of Strategic manufacturing and tenured leader of global teams. We discuss Andrej’s leadership journey as he shares several useful tips and advice for creating high-performing teams, including an initiative he launched during the pandemic called “Sparkles of Curiosity”. 


  • Building a Bond – how a simple carpool became the catalyst for building strong bonds (5:40) 
  • ‘Sparkles of Curiosity’ – a non-work-related initiative that brought colleagues together through learning about one another (15:31
  • HBR Article – Ferguson’s formula (17:41)
  • HBR Article – How will you measure your life? (19:44


HBR Articles:  

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