073: The Crossroads between Neuropsychology and Emotional Intelligence

In this episode, I sit with experienced neuropsychologist Dr. Julia DiGangi, who shows you how to expand the power of your nervous system to hold more emotional voltage. As a brain scientist, Dr. Julia knows that your nervous system is your portal to power. She will show you how to take the pain in your life – your stress, your struggle, your suffering – and transform it into your power. 

Dr. Julia brings tremendous expertise and decades of applied experience serving leaders at the highest levels of power, including The White House, top leadership at global companies, and Special Forces. 

Having worked with leaders who’ve endured some of the highest-stakes, highest-stress situations on the planet, Dr. Julia will show you what it takes to unlock new dimensions of your emotional power as you face defining challenges in your own life.


  • We know, scientifically, that the brain wants to avoid the very thing that will set you free. To overcome our experience of emotional pain, our anxiety, or fear of stress, etc., we must do the counter intuitive
  • Emotional Intelligence first starts with understanding yourself and how you might react or behave in times of uncertainty
  • If you want to be a strong, emotionally intelligent leader, figure out how to work with your triggers until you aren’t triggered anymore
  • In times of leadership uncertainty, contextual cues have gone away, so all eyes are always now on the leader
  • The days that make you grow are the same days that put you in your ‘pain’


Leadership Jam Sessions' Executive Producer, James Christie

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