079: Tips for Mentors and Mentees

In this episode, I sit with Dr. Calvin Lawrence. Dr. Calvin is a motivational speaker and a leadership consultant. He has over 40 years of experience teaching and leading in the educational system at the high school and collegiate level. He also has a doctorate in educational leadership and administration. We discuss the successes and mistakes learned and earned in mentor and mentee relationships. 


  • “Going across the room” – as a mentor, you shouldn’t wait for people to come to you seeking mentorship. Proactively meet others and you’ll see who could use mentoring or should be mentored based on potential 
  • Be intentional with your leadership and mentoring role. Same goes for being a mentee 
  • Having an ‘open door policy’ is not enough. The door can stay open, but what good is it if no one walks in? 
  • As a mentee, do not assume that leaders are too busy to mentor. If you’re in a mentorship, leadership has accepted the role of mentoring and they are ready to support you 
  • Mentorship is a two-way street. As a mentor, you may feel you are the only one ‘giving’ in the relationship, but remember, you are also learning from your mentee 


Leadership Jam Sessions' Executive Producer, James Christie

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