087: Crafting a Personal Leadership Model, with Tim McElderry

In this episode, I sit with Tim McElderry, a Director of Commercial Leadership Training in the biopharmaceutical industry. Tim shares his leadership journey, including the creation of his personal leadership model, and how he intends to apply his expertise in leadership in a bid for public office.


  • Tim’s leadership journey started with a transition from a successful commercial sales leader career to commercial leadership development
  • He created a personal leadership model based on qualities (work ethic, humility, attitude, team first) and behaviors (caring, clear expectations, higher purpose, lead by example, connecting)
  • Tim emphasizes the importance of connecting with individuals to understand their intrinsic motivators, a skill he has honed in leadership.
  • He sees running for public office as a growth opportunity and a way to apply his leadership skills to benefit his community
  • Tim’s leadership model serves as the foundation for his campaign platform, focusing on connecting with constituents and addressing local issues with a leadership-oriented approach

Leadership Jam Sessions' Executive Producer, James Christie

When James is not busy leading commercial teams in the biopharmaceutical industry, you can find him behind the scenes orchestrating all that happens for his brainchild - The Leadership Jam Session Podcast. As our Executive Producer, James' background of more than 20 years in Marketing, Sales, and Training, combined with a passion for business and leadership education, have all inspired the very direction we take with delivering our content. James holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga University.