088: The A to Z of being the best leader you can be, with Dr. Yvonne Bleam

In this episode, I sit with Dr. Yvonne Bleam, Senior Director of Training and Development at Geron Corporation and author of “A to Z of being the best leader you can be, leading through the alphabet,” discusses the importance of teaching leadership concepts to children. Yvonne emphasizes that adults have a responsibility to raise tomorrow’s leaders and that her book is a valuable tool for this purpose.

The book introduces leadership concepts in an easy-to-understand A to Z format, with colorful illustrations and relatable characters. Yvonne highlights the significance of teaching children about bravery, courage, and empathy. She also shares how these concepts can benefit adults by reinforcing positive behaviors and encouraging emotional intelligence.

Link to book: A to Z of being the best leader you can be, leading through the alphabet

Key Takeaways:

  • Teaching leadership concepts to children from a young age can shape them into better leaders in the future.
  • Embrace the concept of bravery and have the courage to stand up and make the right choices in both personal and professional life.
  • Leadership is about influence, and teaching children how their behavior and decisions can influence others is crucial.
  • Use Yvonne’s book as a tool to encourage children and adults to develop emotional intelligence and social skills.
  • Encourage risk-taking and learning from failure, as it’s essential for personal and professional growth.
  • Model positive leadership behaviors for children to learn from, as actions speak louder than words.
  • Recognize that leadership skills, such as bravery and vulnerability, apply to both parenting and corporate leadership.
  • Never stop learning and improving as a leader, as even experienced leaders can benefit from revisiting essential concepts.
  • Explore the book “Leadership and Self-Deception” by the Arbinger Group as a valuable resource for personal and professional growth.
  • Encourage team members to take risks, be courageous, and leverage each other’s strengths to collectively succeed.

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