090: How a People-Centric Approach changed everything, with Jonathan Cinelli

In episode 90 of the Leadership Jam Session Podcast, I sit with Jonathan Cinelli, a seasoned leader with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. Jonathan is the host of the People First Then Construction podcast and is also the author of Kick Your Ego Aside and Put People First. He shares his leadership journey and transformation after adopting a people-centric approach as well as the importance of coaching, self-improvement, and setting clear boundaries and expectations.

The interview touches on topics such as avoiding burnout, effective communication, and the power of curiosity in leadership. Jonathan highlights the role of coaching in changing his perspective and improving team dynamics, advocating for a more intentional and empathetic leadership style.

Key Takeaways

People-Centric Approach:

  • Lead with a people-centric approach to bring about positive transformation in team dynamics and overall success
  • Understand that employees genuinely care and empowering them with information leads to success

Coaching for Leadership Growth:

  • Embrace coaching as a tool for personal and professional development
  • Ask thought-provoking questions that lead to insights and encourage a culture of continuous learning

Setting Boundaries and Expectations:

  • Establish clear boundaries for focused communication and avoid distractions that disrupt workflow
  • Communicate expectations openly, allowing team members to contribute autonomously and take responsibility

Avoiding Burnout:

  • Recognize that avoiding burnout requires personalized approaches, considering individual uniqueness
  • Prioritize boundaries and expectations, fostering a healthy work-life balance

Leadership Evolution:

  • Acknowledge the transformative power of intentional leadership, emphasizing personal growth and being the best version of oneself
  • Approach leadership with curiosity, consistently seeking to understand and improve interpersonal dynamics


Book: Kick Your Ego Aside and Put People First  

Podcast: People First Then Construction

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/jonathan-cinelli-pmp-acc-103b841ba

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