091: How Leaders Can Get to “The Point”, with Steve Woodruff

In episode 91 of the Leadership Jam Session, I sit with the King of Clarity, Steve Woodruff, to talk about his new book titled “The Point: How to Win with Clarity-Fueled Communications.” The book is an expansion of Woodruff’s previous work, “Clarity Wins,” and it offers a practical and universal formula for clear communication applicable to any type of communication within an organization. The key focus is on overcoming common communication challenges, such as information overload and the need to engage the human brain effectively.

Key Takeaways:

A Universal Communication Formula: “The Point” provides a practical and universal formula for clear communication that can be applied across various contexts within an organization.

Four Rules for Effective Communication:

1.   Have a Point: Clearly define the purpose and focus of your communication.

2.   Get to the Point: Quickly convey the relevance of your message to the audience.

3.   Get the Point Across: Ensure shared meaning and memory by engaging the audience.

4.   Get on the Same Page: Aim for alignment, agreement, and shared action.

Eight Communication Tools for Leaders:

1.   Simple Statements

2.   Snippets

3.   Specifics

4.   Stories

5.   Stakes (Emphasizing the risk and benefit)

6.   Symbolic Language (Using symbols, illustrations, analogies)

7.   Side by Sides (Comparisons)

8.   Summaries (Condensing information into brief points)

Leadership Communication: Leaders should focus on providing a clear and tangible focus, emphasizing the purpose and mission, and being specific about expectations to avoid ambiguity.

Repetition for Clarity: Leaders should repeat their vision and mission at least five times more than they initially think necessary to ensure understanding and retention among team members.

Communication Design: Woodruff introduces the concept of communication design, emphasizing the importance of structuring information effectively through stratification, starting with the most critical points.

Competing with Noise: Acknowledge the constant competition for attention, especially in a world where people spend significant time in front of screens. Communication needs to be compelling to cut through the noise.

Application Across Teams: Encourage teams to standardize around good communication practices, starting with clear communication during development days or team retreats.

Impact on Project Management: Highlight the impact of clear communication on project management, emphasizing its role in preventing costly misunderstandings between stakeholders and vendors.

Clarity as a Leadership Virtue: Woodruff emphasizes that clarity is a virtue, and lack of clarity can be considered unkindness. Leaders should prioritize making their communication clear to avoid misunderstandings and wasted time.


Book: https://www.stevewoodruff.com/books

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/swoodruff


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