5 Skills for Leading Through Uncertainty

“It’s easy to lead when things are going well.”

We’ve all heard the saying, and I think we can all agree that true leaders emerge during times of uncertainty. Have times ever been more uncertain than 2020?

This is not to say this it’s easy for these leaders, but there are a few commonly demonstrated leadership skills which separate them from the rest of the pack.

Practice these five things to lead your team through uncertainty:

1️⃣ Calming presence – remember, your people will mirror your behavior

2️⃣ Demonstrate empathy – put yourself in the shoes of others

3️⃣ Provide purpose – share the reason for what we’re all doing

4️⃣ Proactive vs. reactive – think prospectively about your people and try to get out in front
of situations

5️⃣ Take the time to listen – resist the urge to do all the talking and problem solving. Sometimes your people just want to be heard

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About the author, Rob

Rob Fonte is the founder and President of Sarto Leadership Group, whose reputation has been built on being a transformational leader and inspirational coach with a passion for developing others. His twenty-year career spans across multiple disciplines including leading award-winning sales teams. Rob is an academically trained Executive Coach certified by The University of Texas and the International Coach Federation.