044: How to Build and Maintain Your Team’s Trust in a Virtual Environment

By James Christie | 08/03/2021 |

The COVID pandemic drastically changed the way we think about business and community-building.Virtual environments have practically become the new workspace for a significant part of the worldwide workforce. As a leader, building and maintaining your team’s trust in such strange times can be challenging to get right.Perhaps your team doesn’t get along too well virtually,…

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043: How to Guide Teams Through Times of Change with Fred Rapp

By James Christie | 07/27/2021 |

Regardless of the industry you come from, trying to lead your teams through a restructuring or a merger acquisition while keeping them focused can be daunting. Problems such as a lack of communication among the team or a shared frustration over a slow transitional process can quickly arise. The difference between success and failure will…

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042: When to Have the ‘Come to Jesus’ Meeting With Your Employee With Kevin Manning and Steve Tuciarone

By James Christie | 07/20/2021 |

What happens when you’ve had multiple coaching discussions with your employee, and you haven’t seen any progress made against the expectations that you previously set for them?  Situations like these are never easy, but the best way to deal with them is to have a particular and direct conversation with your employee. In business, we…

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041: How to Manage a Promotion When It’s Too Soon with Kim Metcalf, Paul Catanzaro and Joe Schnebelen

By James Christie | 07/13/2021 |

Imagine the following: you have an employee looking to get promoted, but your manager or other decision-makers don’t think they are ready. What is the best way to deal with this challenging scenario? Like in most tricky situations in life, the key lies in effective communication. It takes coordinated effort and honest conversation to determine…

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040: Self-Mastery, with Abigail G. Manning

By Rob Fonte | 06/07/2021 |

In this Jam Session, I sit with Abigail Manning who is the Founder of CACL Inc., creator of the Authentic Health curriculum, workshop trainer & international speaker on professional & personal development & wellbeing. Abigail is passionately committed to helping others live their best lives by removing limiting thoughts, overcoming life obstacles and relentlessly moving…

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039: Leadership lessons from the real estate industry, with Karl Utter.

By Rob Fonte | 05/24/2021 |

In this Jam Session, I sit with successful real estate leader Karlton “Karl” Utter who is Vice President of Career Development at Howard Hannah Real Estate Services. Karl shares his experiences with leading new teams and his approach to leadership development through the lens of real estate sales and management.   Key Takeaways:   If you want to grow professionally you must keep looking at new opportunities  As…

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038: Leadership Attributes That Create a Followership, with Rebecca Mehrwerth

By Rob Fonte | 04/19/2021 |

In this episode I sit with Rebecca (Becca) Mehrwerth, a biotech executive with 30 years of healthcare industry experience having held leadership positions within small and large companies. Becca brings some unique leadership experience related to being a part of three startup companies. Becca shares her leadership journey and approach to successfully leading teams through a startup environment, including leading through times…

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037: Unleash the Millennials and Save the World, with Dr. Philip Zimmerman

By Rob Fonte | 03/22/2021 |

In this Jam Session, I sit with Dr. Philip Zimmerman. Dr. Zimmerman is an expert on culture and passionate about developing the next generation of leaders. His leadership journey includes scaling his first business to multi-million dollars before being acquired by a public traded company, CFO of an eight figure consulting firm, and eventually wanting…

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036: The Path to Leadership is Not Always Linear.

By Rob Fonte | 03/02/2021 | Comments Off on 036: The Path to Leadership is Not Always Linear.

The path to leadership is certainly not always linear. Career paths can sometimes Zig when you want to Zag. Sometimes, it may mean taking lateral positions or even taking a step back, so long as the purpose is to take 2 steps forward. When it’s happening, it can be hard to see that you’re on…

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035: How to stop sabotaging yourself

By Rob Fonte | 02/15/2021 | Comments Off on 035: How to stop sabotaging yourself

In this Jam Session, I sit with Dr. Philip Agrios. Dr. Agrios is an Executive Performance Consultant specializing in guiding leaders to unleash their hidden potentials. Dr. Agrios shares how you, as a leader, can quickly and simply change your state of mind by revealing an inborn trait that causes subconscious blocks which lead to…

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