076: Humility – The “H Factor” in Leadership, with Dr. Matt Sowcik

By James Christie | 07/14/2022 |

In this episode, I sit with Dr. Matt Sowcik, Assistant Professor of Leadership Education at the University of Florida, and author of a new book titled, “The H Factor: The intersection between humility and great leadership”. Dr. Matt and I talk about humility as key factor in leadership, some of its underpinnings, and how to…

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075: Public and Private Sector: Common Leadership Principles, with Police Chief Joe Kelly

By James Christie | 06/27/2022 |

In this episode, I sit with the Chief of Police for the Yardley Borough (Pennsylvania) police department, Joe Kelly. Prior to joining the Yardley police department, he spent 23 years with the New Jersey transit police retiring at the rank of a deputy.  Chief Kelly and I talk about his leadership journey, his approach, and…

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074: The future of leadership is to be a Wayfinder

By James Christie | 06/13/2022 |

In this episode, I sit with leadership expert and organizational psychologist, Dr. Ciela Hartanov, who was part of the founding team of the Google School for Leaders as well as Head of Next Practice, Innovation and Strategy at Google, where she developed projects designed to shape the future of leadership and work.   Dr. Ciela currently…

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073: The Crossroads between Neuropsychology and Emotional Intelligence

By James Christie | 05/30/2022 |

In this episode, I sit with experienced neuropsychologist Dr. Julia DiGangi, who shows you how to expand the power of your nervous system to hold more emotional voltage. As a brain scientist, Dr. Julia knows that your nervous system is your portal to power. She will show you how to take the pain in your…

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072: Best Practices for Team Meetings

By James Christie | 05/16/2022 |

In this episode, I am in the middle of a Leaders Jam Session – a monthly group jam session that I host where participants get to share and learn from one another on how to tackle daily leadership challenges. Here, we’re talking about best practices for how to plan and run a successful team meeting,…

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071: Thoughts on the war in Ukraine

By James Christie | 04/28/2022 |

In this episode, I sit with two-time guest Major General (ret.) Craig B. Whelden. General Whelden spent 30 years in the U.S. Army, followed by seven in the private sector, and another nine as a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES) with the U.S. Marine Corps. General Whelden has had a very interesting military…

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070: How to encourage work-life balance with your teams

By James Christie | 04/18/2022 |

The topic of work-life balance is always top of mind for new and tenured leaders, and it means something different to all of us. In this episode, James and I tackle this topic which was inspired by some dialogue from a LinkedIn post I was tagged in. Tune in for a tips and advice on how…

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069: The DNA of a Winner with best selling author Brad Dalton

By James Christie | 04/04/2022 |

In this episode I sit with Brad Dalton. Brad is a motivational and inspirational speaker, an empowerment and success coach, and a lifelong educator. We discuss his best-selling book DNA of a winner, eight steps to building the soul print of a winner. Warning – Brad’s positivity and energy are contagious! KEY TAKEAWAYS   Great leaders are…

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068: Ted Lasso Leadership Lessons

By James Christie | 03/14/2022 |

In this episode, I sit with previous guests Kim Metcalf and Paul Catanzaro to discuss leadership lessons from the hit series, Ted Lasso. There are so many leadership learnings and awesome quotes from this show, we thought we should take the time to unpack a few. Key Takeaways: Know and respect your people (3:29) Trust…

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067: The ABCs of DEI, with Martine Kalaw

By James Christie | 02/22/2022 |

In this episode I sit with Martine Kalaw, MPA. Martine is an Organizational Development expert, author, speaker, and a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) consultant and trainer for corporate executives with more than a decade of experience increasing the performance and productivity of fortune 500 companies and tech startups. We discuss her latest book, The ABCs…

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