063: 2021 Year-End Wrap up & Lessons Learned

By Rob Fonte | 12/29/2021 |

As 2021 comes to an end, I wanted to thank my audience and guests for their support and valuable contributions. To discuss some of the essential leadership themes we covered on the podcast, I welcome James Christie, my podcast producer. Tune in to learn our top leadership tips and lessons from 2021.

We also discuss the challenges leaders will be facing in 2022 and the tools and skills required to tackle them.

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062: How to Keep Your Vision Alive with Your Team

By Rob Fonte | 12/14/2021 |

How can leaders keep their vision alive and consistent with their teams?

In our latest Coach’s Jam Session, we discussed the best techniques and approaches to keep your vision alive throughout the year. Tune in to learn our tips on creating an impactful and purposeful message for your vision.

We’ll also discuss the importance of understanding different learning styles and leveraging technology to reinforce your message.

You’ll learn why a strong vision statement is the foundation that ultimately gets teams through difficult times.

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061– Ask Rob: Field-Based vs. Home Office Team Management with James Christie

By Rob Fonte | 12/07/2021 |

What is the difference between managing field-based vs. home office teams?

In our ‘Ask Rob’ series, people reach out to me through my website asking for leadership advice. To help me tackle this particular question, I sat down with James Christie, my podcast producer. Tune in to learn our tips on how to manage teams in both scenarios successfully.

We discuss why the fundamentals of leadership apply in both field and home office management. You’ll also learn the tactical differences you’ll need to consider when managing in both environments.

Do you have a question or challenging scenario you’d like to run by me?

Go to https://sartoleadershipgroup.com/leadership-jam-session-podcast/. Click on ‘Ask Rob’ and send your request. I’ll respond with some guidance on your scenario!

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060: How to Keep Employees Engaged in a Hybrid Workplace

By Rob Fonte | 11/30/2021 |

How can leaders keep their employees engaged during extended COVID lockdowns?

During our latest Coach’s Jam Session, we examined the challenges and benefits of working in a hybrid workplace. Tune in to learn how to keep your people motivated in times of uncertainty.

We discuss the importance of developing a supportive leadership style and understanding your employee’s needs.

You’ll also learn how to provide your people with a sense of belonging and foster professional growth.

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059: How to Become More Efficient by Leveraging Your Productivity Style

By Rob Fonte | 11/23/2021 |

How can you be more effective and impactful in your work?

Carson Tate is the Founder and Managing Partner of Working Simply. We discuss her Productivity Style Assessment, designed to help you learn your cognitive style and become more efficient at work. We’ll also talk about her view on my scores after taking the assessment!

Tune in to learn the best strategies for your own productivity style, plus Carson’s tips on how to leverage your team’s diverse styles.

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058 – Ask Rob: What Are the Advantages of Situational Leadership?

By Rob Fonte | 11/16/2021 |

What is situational leadership, and what are some of its benefits?

I’ve always been a big fan of the situational leadership model. To me, it’s the very backbone of leadership, and in today’s ‘Ask Rob’ segment, I explain precisely why.

I break down the model’s four stages, and I share a few examples of how it works. I also explain why new managers should learn about the situational leadership concept.

Tune in to learn how you can develop situational leadership skills to become a better leader.

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057: Four Attributes of Successful Leaders with Jon Macaskill, Retired Navy SEAL Commander

By Rob Fonte | 11/09/2021 |

Jon Macaskill is a retired Navy SEAL commander who served in the military for almost 24 years. He joins me to discuss four attributes of successful leaders he has witnessed throughout his career.

Today, Jon uses his experience and personal stories to help organizations overcome some of their day-to-day challenges. He is also the host of the ‘Men Talking Mindfulness Podcast,’ where he brings mindfulness and meditation practices to high-performing teams.

Tune in to learn more about the challenges Jon had to overcome, his advice on team building, and how to recognize a confident leader.

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056 – Ask Rob: What’s the Fastest Way to Gain Your Employees’ Trust?

By Rob Fonte | 11/02/2021 |

Can you reduce the amount of time it takes to build trust with your employees?

This is a question that regularly comes up in my workshops. And in this new installment of our ‘Ask Rob’ series, that’s precisely what I’m discussing.

I share a few techniques I use to reduce the timeline of building trust with my employees. I also examine some of the reasons the journey of building trust can be elusive.

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055: How to Assess Self-Awareness During a Job Interview

By Rob Fonte | 10/26/2021 |

Today’s episode will consist of a discussion during one of my workshops called the Coach’s Jam Session. We break down the best practices when assessing whether or not somebody has self-awareness in an interview.

We also discuss why interviewing is all about asking the right questions and picking the right cues. Finally, we’ll share some tips on how to create a comfortable environment during interviews.

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054: Leadership Tips From Dave Forman, US Submarine Captain

By Rob Fonte | 10/19/2021 |

Today’s guest is Captain Dave Forman, US Navy Submarine Captain and founder of Wolfpack Leadership.

Dave provides his clients with practical training and the application of proven leadership methods from US submarines.

He has over 20 years of experience at all leadership levels, from line manager to chief executive. Dave leverages his success and experience as a nuclear submarine Captain to accelerate his clients’ leadership skills.

In this Leadership Jam Session Podcast episode, Dave shares his most significant leadership victories and challenges.

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